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Over 30M people have taken the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment to help discover their unique talents.  Grounded in over 50 years of research, CliftonStrengthsⓇ has helped people unlock their potential and personal path to excellence. StrengthsSwag was created to spark conversation and encourage people to Talk Talent™. We debuted our signature products at the 2017 CliftonStrengths Summit where Katy Kloosterman, a Gallup Certified Coach in Michigan (pictured above) was our first happy customer!

StrengthsSwag Founder Joanie Muench 


As both a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach and Happiness Advantage Coach, Joanie integrates scientific research with 25 years of practical management experience to help her clients realize the cultural and financial benefits of a positive workplace. She fell in love with Strengths and the powerful framework it provides to help people discover their unique gifts. 

"I grew up in a big family with lots of personalities. Everyone contributes something unique and special. CliftonStrengths has given me a common language to have meaningful conversations with people about their talents and what they do best. I am continually working on investing in my strengths and find real joy in helping individuals and organizations do the same. To help bring Strengths conversations to life, I collaborated with some amazing colleagues to create StrengthsSwag. We hope that these products will help you Talk Talent™ every day and inspire you and your organizations to deliver excellence."

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